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About Us

My name is Ian and I have owned and run my own pet services business for 15+ years. I have professional experience working with dogs of all sizes and ages and I am a long time animal rescuer and have several exotic pets of my own that I care for.


I enjoy spending time outdoors and participating in physical and recreational activities with my clients. This includes hiking, playing fetch, free play with my rescue puppy (Tristan), long walks at the local dog parks. I cater to the individual needs of the pets based on their breed and temperament. I can also work with you on a case-by-case basis for your fur babies!

I also volunteer my time to 11th Hour Animal Rescue as well as Wise Animal Rescue. I am very personable and friendly when it comes to animals and caring for your furry loved ones. In addition, I have cared for farm animals such as goats, chickens, sheep, cows and horses. I use to successfully breed reptiles such as snakes, Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons. I maintain and grow all my own veggies and am an avid baker/cook. I am prompt and reliable and offer a very flexible schedule. I will cater to your individual pets needs and wants. I look forward to spending time with your fur babies! 

Service Dog Training
Artemis Pet Services
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